While the future is inescapable, near or far in the background or over the horizon, maybe the most a poem can be is a realization of things come to or that come together. At moments.

– Larry Eigner not / forever / serious

Opon is an offshoot of Delete Press, and is edited and designed by Brad Vogler. Some things of interest include: poems accompanied by writing on process/procedure, a series of revisions, collaborative work, interviews and visual poetry. Maybe it isn’t any of these things, and you have something else in mind? A surprise can be nice. Things longer in length, 8-10 pages are preferred, but this isn’t a requirement.

Opon appears once or twice a year, and does not acquire rights to the work published here, though I would ask that you acknowledge Opon if the work is reprinted later.

Opon is not accepting submissions at this time, but if you have a question/comment etc send here: oponeditor at gmail.com.

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